Anohni On The Election: “Americans, You Are Being Used”

Anohni’s music is intensely political — see “Drone Bomb Me” and/or the entirety of HOPELESSNESS — and she has no qualms about addressing political issues outside of her music either. The former Antony And The Johnsons mastermind has penned a note on Facebook entitled “Americans, You Are Being Used,” in which she blasts the US election cycle and calls out both parties for exploiting transgender issues for political gain. Read below.


Did you all get the memo? This election cycle in the USA is not about ecocide, the dying oceans and the extermination of biodiversity, grotesque income disparity, corporate sovereignty and US warcrimes that have played a big part in the destabilization and radicalization of the Middle East! No, it is about transgendered bathroom access! Once again, both parties goad us into becoming smokescreens for their insidious initiatives. Transpeople, we are being used. I have watched it on every election cycle for the last 30 years. They used to wheel out the gays every election year to convince America to vote for Reagan and then the Bush dynasty, or else succumb to homosexual encroachment in schools and churches! Now they are trying to do it to trans people, taking advantage of our vulnerabilities to flood the media with titilating identity politics on an election year. The democrats masticate over the aura of fake liberalism that trans sympathy might bring them. The republicans glory in an opportunity to convince poor ignorant bigots to vote for banks and corporations because they are scared of seeing a trans person in the bathroom at Target. And idiotic reviewers from the Financial Times are desperate to quarantine any transgendered artist that dares to name this rot in her work. – Anohni