DJ Quik & Problem – “A New Nite” Video

For Rosecrans, the new collaborative EP that he made with fellow Compton rapper Problem, the West Coast production legend DJ Quik repurposed his classic 1991 single “Tonite” into the breezy, funky, slightly off-kilter “A New Nite.” It was one of our favorite songs of the week at one point last month. And now the track has a new video from director Joseph Kindred. The clip takes in a few Compton landmarks, and it follows Quik and Problem as they’re recording, promoting, and performing live. It’s a choppy, grainy video for an effortlessly smooth track, but it’s also an excuse to hear a great song again — or, if you slept on it, for the first time. Check it out below, via Miss Info.

The Rosecrans EP is out now on Diamond Lane Music Group/Blake Enterprises.