Watch Alicia Keys Tear Up The Stage on The Voice

Though she hasn’t officially announced an album yet, R&B star Alicia Keys has been going hard lately, following a four-year hiatus since Girl On Fire. She guested on SNL and dropped her new single, “In Common,” a couple weeks ago. It’s a candid, subtly seductive track laced with the dancehall rhythms that are sweeping through the mainstream right now.

Last night, Keys took to The Voice to perform the single and gave it a tribal-tinged onstage treatment. She starts behind the piano, and then as the energy of the song picks up, she is surrounded by dancers killing traditional African tribal dances, accentuating the Caribbean sounds on the track. She sounds and looks incredible rocking a fit reminiscent of something Lisa Bonet would have worn as Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show. Keys seems invigorated by the creative direction she’s taking with her new music, and if her recent performances are any indication, her next album should be a good one. Watch.