Watch The Trailer For James Ferraro’s Human Story 3

Enigmatic NYC producer James Ferraro is set to follow up 2014’s SUKI GIRLZ with more of his inventive vaporwave flavor on Human Story 3. As an introduction to his upcoming full-length, he’s shared a short trailer featuring footage of NYC’s financial district cut over a computerized voice delivering rhetoric about how capitalism and the commodification of creativity kill individual expression. Ferraro’s airy sweeps and chill, deep synths keep the message from being a short rant you would hear from an Occupy Wall Street zealot, but the producer’s eccentricity is still very potent. Check it out.



01 “Ten Songs For Humanity”
02 “Marketphagia”
03 “Individualism”
04 “Market Collapse”
05 “GPS & Cognition”
06 “Security Broker”
07 “Anthropoceniac”
08 “Neotenous Smart Car”
09 “Plastic Ocean (Poem For Deep Horizon)”
10 “Immanent cloud”
11 “Plastiglomerate & Co”

Human Story 3 is out 6/14. Pre-order it here.