Three More People Claim To Be Heirs To Prince Estate

Prince left no will when he died, according to his sister Tyka Nelson, which makes the matter of inheritance a little complicated. In accordance with Minnesota law, his $100 million-plus estate will be divided up equally between all living relatives, but that means that the question of who is actually related to Prince needs to be resolved. In documents filed by Tyka Nelson after Prince’s death, she listed herself and six half-siblings, one of whom is deceased and childless, as known heirs. That list did not include the late Duane Nelson Sr., who identified himself publicly as Prince’s half-brother but who some have suggested was not a blood relative. But now, Reuters reports, 31-year-old Brianna Nelson and 11-year-old Victoria Nelson, Duane Nelson Sr.’s daughter and granddaughter, have filed a motion asserting that he was in fact a blood relative and they are entitled to equal shares of the inheritance.

Meanwhile, Carlin Q. Williams, a 39-year-old inmate in a Colorado federal prison, is now claiming to be Prince’s biological son, the result of a tryst his mother had with the singer in a Kansas City Hote room in 1976. He’s seeking a court order for genetic testing to compare his own DNA with samples taken from the late star. The Star Tribune reports that Carver County District Judge Kevin Eide has issued an order giving Bremer Trust, the temporary administrator of Prince’s estate, authority to establish genetic testing and documentary procedures to verify whether claimants are in fact related to Prince.

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