Nobody Learned Anything From The Heads

The list of bands who replaced key personnel is long… and for the most part, no one ever thinks it’s for the best. Does anyone really prefer Sammy Hagar to David Lee Roth? In spite of so many examples to choose from, bands march on, owning too many t-shirts with their name on them to do anything else.

Which brings us to last night, when JD Fortune, a Canadian who has been at times homeless and an Elvis impersonator, was chosen to captain the sinking ship that is INXS.

Chicago native Marty Casey, the runner-up on INXS: No Dignity Left To Lose, is ready to go home, The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

The rocker/real estate appraiser had been a fan favorite since the show’s debut earlier this year — especially with the ladies. One week a pair of panties was thrown on stage from the live studio audience. Here in Chicago, weekly “Marty” viewing parties were taking place.


And now it’s back to Chicago for Casey. He’s anxious to say goodbye to his L.A. lifestyle — which included jamming with tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams and actor Seth Green one night — and come back to thank the people who supported him.

“And I miss Chicago-style pizza,” he said.

Also having learned nothing from history, Queen, now fronted by Bad Company’s Paul Rodgers, released a live album. Haven’t heard it, but it has to suck… I mean, Freddy Mercury literally put the queen in Queen. How can the other 3 just 2 out of the other 3 be good without him (or John Deacon, bassist extrodinaire, and writer of “Another One Bites The Dust” and “You’re My Best Friend”)?