Banks And Steelz – “Love + War” (Feat. Ghostface Killah)

Banks And Steelz – “Love + War” (Feat. Ghostface Killah)

Wu Tang Clan’s RZA and Interpol frontman Paul Banks announced they were collaborating on an album in 2013. It was a pretty perplexing team-up, especially after Banks’ dismal rap instrumental album Everybody On My Dick Like They Supposed To Be. But the duo is taking shape suddenly and quickly. They now have a name, with RZA calling himself Steelz, and Banks keeping it simple by using his last name, to become Banks & Steelz. They’ve also launched pop-up shops on LA street-wear strip Fairfax Avenue, and NYC’s fashion-centric Orchard Street. The first foray into the duo’s sound comes in the form of the Ghostface Killah-assisted single “Love + War,” which is also a title track of sorts for their album in the works. It’s just as weird as you’d expect it to be, with a diluted Santana-esque guitar driving it as Banks scratchily sings and Ghost stretches the limits of his flow a bit too far. Listen.

Love & War is in the works.

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