Watch Sia’s Random Surprise Appearance On Survivor

Survivor, the long-running reality show in which contestants are stranded in remote locations and forced to vote each other off, is not exactly the sort of television program that tends to draw celebrity guests. (Fellow reality-TV staple Big Brother is a much more hospitable environment; you can always count on B-listers to roll through and give awkward private concerts to the house.) But on the reunion special that ended the show’s most recent season, one famous Survivor superfan did decide to show her face — or, at least, her two-tone wig. Sia was apparently so taken with a contestant named Tai that she announced that she was donating $50,000 to him directly and another $50,000 to the animal charity of his choice. She seemed really enthusiastic while she was doing it, too. Watch it below.

Let’s all now imagine what would happen if Sia was a Survivor contestant.

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