Shooter Jennings – “Love Kills” (Freddie Mercury & Giorgio Moroder Cover) Video

Earlier this year, Shooter Jennings released his very weird new album Countach (For Georgio), a tribute to Giorgio Moroder. We posted the Marilyn Manson-assisted cover of Moroder’s David Bowie collaboration “Cat People,” and today Jennings shared the video for “Love Kills,” his cover of Moroder’s 1984 collaboration with Freddie Mercury. In a conversation with Nerdist, Jennings went into more detail about his inspiration for the album: “I was purely a child of the ’80s and ’90s and soaked up every inch of it. I’m obsessed with the culture. I was born in ’79, so it was just cartoons, toys, and Guns N’ Roses for me.” Check out the full-blown ’80s sci-fi video for “Love Kills” below.

Countach (For Georgio) is out now on Black Country Rock.