Billie Marten – “Milk & Honey” Video

Sixteen-year-old Yorkshire folk-rock balladeer Billie Marten makes exceptionally gauzy, sweeping songs. Her latest offering was the gorgeous “Milk & Honey.” It has one of the most devastating and simultaneously catchy choruses I’ve heard in a while: “But all you want is milk/ More than you can drink/ And all you want is honey/ You can’t take the sting/ You live for overkill/ But you’re ungrateful still/ All you want is honey, well, honey I tried.”

Today she gives “Milk & Honey” the visual treatment, and the clip is equally as beautiful as the song. Marten wanders through a Japanese botanical garden filled with lush flowers and greenery. The lingering images of her meandering delicately with a gloomy expression contrasts with the strong, stoic images of a samurai practicing marshal arts. The opposing imagery invigorates the lyrics and sentiment of the song for quite the evocative pairing. Watch.

Marten’s debut album is expected this autumn on RCA in the UK and Columbia in the US.