Watch Thom Yorke Clown Jonny Greenwood For Messing Up “Nude” In London

Last night, Radiohead, one of the most dependably mind-warping live acts in the universe, played a smaller show at the Roundhouse in London. And the band stopped their performance of “Nude” midway through so that he could (mostly nonverbally) make fun of Jonny Greenwood. According to the Radiohead Tumblr Daydreaming, Greenwood had decided to try playing harmonica on the song, rather than his ondes Martenot, the rare old-timey electronic doohickey that he famously uses. Crowd laughter isn’t exactly something we hear a lot of at Radiohead shows, but this time, the world got to see Yorke staring impatiently at Greenwood. Watch the whole good-natured episode unfold below.

And no, we would not be posting this video if this was literally any other band on the face of the earth.