Honeyuck – “Best Thought”

Honeyuck’s 2015 debut tape very tiny songs was made up of just that: small songs that charted even smaller emotions — the sort of micro-jolts we get from furtive glances and holding hands and the absence of those things. The Floridian duo, made up of Hannah Wait and Lexi Long, occupies the same insular-minded scene as Naps and Coping Skills, and their newest material shows a similar jump in assuredness as those bands have recently experienced. “Best Thought,” a one-off single paired with a The Jesus And Mary Chain cover, is a sparkling, warm, and charmingly hesitant love song: “Would it be weird if I gave you a kiss? There’s something tell me that it is your hand that I should be holding so would it be weird if I kissed you for the hell of it?” Listen below.

Honeyuck’s “Best Thought” b/w “Just Like Honey” single is out now via Lavender Sounds.