As Long As They Don’t Bring Marcel Back

Rumors about the Friends series finale according to The National Enquirer:

  • After years of on-again, off-again dating, Rachel and Ross will finally reach a decision on the status of their relationship.
  • Monica and Chandler will get the baby they’ve longed for
  • Phoebe lives happily ever after with her new husband and is expecting additions to the family very soon
  • The show opens with Joey and Phoebe in Monica and Chandler’s apartment helping them pack for their move to suburbia
  • At the same time, Rachel and Ross are locking lips in Ross’ apartment, unkown to anyone else
  • Monica and Chandler are at the hospital anxiously awaiting the birth of the baby they are adopting, guess what? it’s a boy? followed by a girl. They have twins!
  • The one hour finale continues with Rachel rushing to the airport to catch a plane to Paris, Ross follows but can’t get far without a boarding pass. Ross then finds the cheapest seats available and buys a ticket. At the same time, Rachel realizes she can’t find her tickets.
  • What Ross doesn’t know is that Rachel’s plane is leaving from Newark Airport, he’s at JFK.
  • Ross finally catches up with Rachel and professes his love for her. She leaves anyway.
  • Brokenhearted, Ross returns home to find a message on his answering machine from Rachel. She returns home and they decided to get married again