Lisa Prank – “Turn It Up”

Lisa Prank – “Turn It Up”

Robin Edwards often uses sarcasm and humor to deflect or process life’s rough-and-tumble on Adult Teen, her upcoming Lisa Prank full-length, but on “Turn It Up” she strips away those coping mechanisms to confront all the ways we lie to ourselves in order to move on. “It’s getting easier to sleep alone/ I have my friends, I have my room, I have my phone,” she sings. “And when your memory creeps back in, I put on my shoes/ I go out again.” It’s a raw and vulnerable song, and the titular command speaks to how distractions (read: music, in this case) can serve as a way to drown out our own thoughts to give ourselves the requisite time to heal, but even Edwards admits that when the silence starts to creep back in, all of that healing can fall apart: “Keep hoping growing up isn’t growing numb/ Rather be lonely than belong to anyone… I say it’s true, I know it’s not.” Listen via The Le Sigh below.

Adult Teen is out 6/24 via Father/Daughter Records on vinyl and Miscreant Records on tape.

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