Sebastian Bach And William Shatner Have A Twitter Fight About God Knows What

Look, sometimes celebrities get upset at each other. And sometimes, those celebrities seem like people who should not necessarily exist in the same universe. Also, sometimes their disputes make no sense whatsoever! All of that seems to be the case here. As Blabbermouth points out, William Shatner, the 85-year-old Star Trek star and Priceline pitchman, is not getting along with Sebastian Bach, the former singer for hair-metal greats Skid Row. Bach has unleashed a string of angry tweets at Shatner, some of which have been deleted and one of which included what appeared to be the actor’s home address. As far as anyone can figure out, Bach got upset when Shatner replied to one of his tweets with the purple devil emoji. And now Bach wants to beat up Shatner. Look, I don’t fucking know. See if you can sort out the mess of screengrabs below.

Blabbermouth also points out that Bach was totally effusive when he interviewed Shatner at the 2011 Revolver Golden God Awards:

He bagged all the aliens in space! As far as I’m concerned, Sebastian Bach gets a lifetime pass for “I Remember You” and for being on Gilmore Girls. Team Bach. Fuck William Shatner.