Watch The Strokes Play Future Present Past And Rarities At Gov Ball Warmup

The Strokes performed songs off of their brand new EP Future Present Past at a Governor’s Ball warmup last night at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY. The band’s set also included six songs that they haven’t performed live in a significant amount of time. Check out the setlist and fan-shot footage of the Strokes playing “Drag Queen,” “Threat Of Joy,” and “Oblivius” below.


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01 “The Modern Age”
02 “Soma” (first time since 2010)
03 “Threat Of Joy”
04 “What Ever Happened?”
05 “Under Cover Of Darkness”
06 “Alone, Together” (first time since 2011)
07 “Electricityscape” (first time since 2006)
08 “Ask Me Anything” (first time since 2011)
09 “Oblivius”
10 “Someday”
11 “You’re So Right”
12 “Juicebox”
13 “Evening Sun” (first time since 2010)
14 “Drag Queen”
15 “Trying Your Luck” (first time since 2011)
16 “Reptilia”

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