Shura – “What’s It Gonna Be?” Video

British Artist To Watch Shura is gearing up to drop her full-length debut, Nothing’s Real, later this summer. She kicked off her album cycle with a couple remixes of “Touch,” the song that put her on our radar. Though the remixes won’t be on the album, she’s also dropped a couple excellent singles, “The Space Tapes” and “What’s It Gonna Be?” The album is taking shape quickly, and it’s looking like it will be stellar.

Today, Shura gives “What’s It Gonna Be?” the video treatment. It’s a fun, flirty song about having a crush that probably won’t happen in a million years. That theme screams high school, and that’s exactly where the video is set. Shura’s character and a friend daydream and scheme on how to get closer to their crushes while looking like something straight out of the ’80s, recalling The Breakfast Club. The clip explores the archetypal jock, nerd, and popular kid, and then flips the script. Watch.

Nothing’s Real is out 7/8. Pre-order it here.

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