Garden City Movement – “She’s So Untouchable”

Tel Aviv trio Garden City Movement make deconstructed, R&B-splashed electro with grooves galore and irresistible rhythms. They turned in a stellar effort with last year’s Modern West EP. Today, they hit us with the one-off “She’s So Untouchable.”

The title is pretty self explanatory as the song is about how sometimes the lure of attraction and the thrill of the chase are the best part of a relationship because we build up an entire image of someone that they can’t possibly live up to. That sultry realization relayed through provocative storytelling is bolstered by a funky synth bass line, groovy guitar, and ’80s-tinged airiness. Check it out.

“She’s So Untouchable” will be available as a 12″ single soon via BLDG5.