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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

None of them made it onto the final list, but there were a lot of very good psychedelic animated videos, or videos that use at least a little bit of psychedelic animation, this week. I don’t really get that! We have had decades to get over the novelty of seeing cartoons where nothing makes sense. And yet they continue to make pretty good music videos. But the videos that did make this week’s list are all pure flesh-and-blood, cartoonish though that one Avalanches video might be. This week’s picks are below.

5. Bat For Lashes – “Sunday Love” (Dir. Natasha Khan & John De Menil)

I went to a wedding last weekend. It was great! I got to see a ton of my old friends! I got really drunk! I danced to a whole lot of early-’00s rap music! But there was no telekineses or ’70s horror-movie lighting or evidence of an alien invasion, and now I’m slightly disappointed.

4. PJ Harvey – “The Orange Monkey” (Dir. Seamus Murphy)

It takes a certain kind of directorial eye to capture the beauty of an American tank flying across a desert landscape, or to make me want to go to Afghanistan. Afghanistan is lovely!

3. Blonde Redhead – “Dripping” (Dir. Eric Wareheim) (NSFW)

Funny thing about Eric Wareheim: Everytime he makes something I like, I become more convinced that I would never want to spend any time around him.

2. The Avalanches – “Frankie Sinatra” (Feat. Danny Brown & DOOM) (Dir. Fleur Fortuné)

When you’re announcing your return from a years-long absence, it helps to keep some paintball guns and some fan boats on deck. People have been treating the Avalanches with such reverence for so long, and then they come back with this whoopee cushion of a video; I have to respect it.

1. Shura – “What’s It Gonna Be?”(Dir. Chloé Wallace)

If he’d lived long enough to make movies in the era when movies didn’t have to be boneheadedly homophobic anymore, I’d like to think that John Hughes would’ve made a movie that looked like this.