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Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

So many jams this week! The Avalanches finally finally delivered a new track, the undeniable klezmer-claypso Danny Brown collab “Frankie Sinatra.” Beck’s “Wow” harkens back to the Mellow Gold/Odelay days and even though he’s apparently rapping “luminous moves” and not “luminous moose” I am on board. Angel Olsen brought strangers together with the trailer for her magnetic My Woman single “Intern“…

We got Pusha T and Jay Z trading brick moving brags. A barn-burning Lydia Loveless heartbreak song. A supremely clever disco house track/video from Mai Lan. Riley Walker, Gucci Mane, Diarrhea Planet, Garden City Movement, Ryan Hemsworth, Astronoid, Wymond Miles, Kanye… Who has time to keep up? I can’t even be mad that Frank Ocean album never dropped.

There was also a heavy metal Phil Collins cover with unearthed Dimebag Darrell riffs. I can’t not acknowledge it. Have a nice weekend.


#10  theyachtmaster | Jun 2nd Score:25

Scott that’s not how the youtube view counter works homes

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#9  ShabaniTheHandsomeGorilla | May 31st Score:26

I had exactly one interaction with him and it’s something I’ll never forget. It was back in 2009, I was fresh out of (mostly failing my way though) school, trying to rebuild myself socially since a lot of my college friends had moved away. Honestly I was pretty lonely at the time. I started hitting shows at the Echo to start navigating my way through the local music scene, and this buzzed about band Japandroids was playing before the DJ night I liked to go to (at this point I was probably more interested in the Britpop that played until 2 AM than some of the bands, but I usually came early to see whoever was playing).

This band Surfer Blood opened, and they absolutely blew me away. I think it might have been the first time they played LA, and it was one of the few times I’ve seen someone completely new and thought “these guys are going places”. I went over to their merch booth to tell them how much I loved them, and I talked to Thomas for a little bit and he said “Hey man, let me buy you a beer!” And dammit we actually walked to the bar, he bought me a beer, and for that moment I felt really cool that those guys who just blew me away on stage thought I was cool enough to hang with them.

I never got to repay him for that beer I owed him, but it was honestly one of the nicest, random kind things anyone’s ever done for me. RIP Thomas, I’ll never forget that.

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#8  monkeyridinghorse | May 27th Score:27

Right? Now this is more like it. The last scarf they did was OK, and definitely grew on me, but it just didn’t have the same panache as their earlier scarves. It almost seemed like something from one of Thom’s solo fashion lines. Plus it was just too short. Practically a neckerchief.

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#7  AndrewCox2 | May 27th Score:28

It was an blimp, not a hot air balloon; this isn’t Pixar

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#6  guiriguiri | May 29th Score:28

Who would ever think it was OK to go around spray painting in a national park anyway? Whether the tree is dead or alive that is a massive fuck up. As someone who spends a lot of their life getting out and using the parks system, it is beyond frustrating seeing people have this kind of entitled attitude to making their mark on things.

That said, I do appreciate th unequivocal apology.

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#5  ohitsmax | Jun 2nd Score:28

wow gorillaz are back!

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#4  raptor jesus | May 27th Score:29

Did you just cynically correct yourself?

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#3  theyachtmaster | May 27th Score:30

I would wear this. Fuck you nerds, get some style.

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#2  theyachtmaster | May 27th Score:30

Thanks everyone for holding back your good comments this week.

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Tim Curtin | May 31st Score:44

the best dude i’ve ever met in a band. on multiple occasions we had conversations before/after shows, introduced me to his brother and fiancee (they weren’t yet married at the time), gave me a record and wouldn’t let me pay for it. such a happy, genuine, unusually good dude. RIP

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#5  theyachtmaster | May 27th Score:-15

Whew well I’m not reading all that but have your down vote and thank you for your contribution.

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Road Burdened | May 27th Score:-17


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#3  dfksdfihjsdf | Jun 2nd Score:-18

Wow, this is kind of a stinker as far as I’m concerned. Sounds like the basic, formulaic, boring pop garbage peddled by the likes of pitchfork. Standards for new music are pretty low these days. But, guess they always were in more mainstream circles.

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#2  bugsbunny | May 31st Score:-25

fuck you both for your nazi jokes. eat shit and die motherfuckers

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#1  robomalkmus | May 29th Score:-30

its just a tree lol

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  cobra | Jun 1st Score:20

Meanwhile Kim is getting attacked by coyotes in Silverlake and then covering for them for some reason.

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