Stream Leapling Suspended Animation

We’ve heard a slew of singles from Brooklyn trio Leapling’s new album Suspended Animation already. “Alabaster Snow,” “One Hit Wonder,” “Hey Sister,” and “You Lemme Know” all hinted that trimming down to a three-piece was a good move from since their debut Vacant Page.

Their sophomore effort is tighter and more efficient with roaming ruminations that keep it consistently slippery in a good way. Dan Arnes’ voice is delicate, but his pen is achingly evocative, slashing through the surrounding instrumentation with cutting contemplation. If that isn’t enough, the aesthetics glide easily from funk-tinged to bouncy to poppy to hard-hitting to playful, and it gets even more far-flung from there. The seamlessly varied aesthetics bound by Arnes’ tender pleas and meditations makes for an ever-engaging experience. Stream Suspended Animation in its entirety below via Impose.

Suspended Animation is out 6/10 via Exploding In Sound.