Killer Mike Starring In New TV Show Produced By Tim & Eric [UPDATE: Or Not]

UPDATE: Despite earlier reports, sadly, Killer Mike is not in fact starring in a show from Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. As a representative for the rapper told The FADER:

A couple of months ago, Tim & Eric’s production company Abso-lutely was hired to provide production services for a project that Mike was a part of, but at no point were we ever developing a project with Tim & Eric or Abso, nor do we have any plans to at this time. Sadly an outlet took a piece of information out of context and then did some flimsy “investigative journalism” by going so far to speculate a connection to a specific network, but unfortunately, that’s just false. We definitely have plans for TV but nothing to report at this time.


Killer Mike is set to star in a new TV show produced by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, better known as Tim & Eric, as The FADER reports. The series, which does not yet have a title, is being developed by the duo’s Abso Lutely Productions, the same studio behind other bizarro-comedy gems like Nathan For You and The Eric Andre Show. Previously, Mike has voiced a recurring character on Adam Reed’s animated Adult Swim series Frisky Dingo and appeared as an anthropomorphic Boost Mobile phone on Aqua Teen Hunger Force.