Yuna – “Lanes” Video

Yuna released her excellent album Chapters recently. It’s old-school love and heartbreak enveloped in an updated aesthetic with honest, candid, evocative emotion coursing through it. To give you an idea, the word “love” recurs four times on the tracklist alone. The infidelity anthem “Lanes” was one of the standout singles, and today it receives a heart-rending video treatment. The Brian Oh-directed clip opens with the Malaysian songstress crying on a sofa, and it slowly rewinds a backwards tale of hurt and deceit. Just like her album, it’s real and unflinching in expressing vulnerability. You see the full gamut of emotions that come from a partner’s betrayal, and to see it happen to someone that seems so sweet is enraging. I seriously want to jump through the frame and backhand this dude. Anyway, check it out.

Chapters is out now.

Tags: Brian Oh, Yuna