In Rare Interview Axl Rose Says He May Record With Slash & Duff, Angus Young

Axl Rose famously took 15 years to record the not-exactly-beloved Chinese Democracy, Guns N’ Roses’ attempt at a 2008 comeback. But now that he’s back with original GN’R members Slash and Duff McKagan, it’s possible that he’s finally ready to crank something out before the earth crashes into the sun.

As Alternative Nation reports, Rose recently gave a live Q&A to a small crowd in London, and he mentioned a few intriguing future possibilities. During that talk, he said he’s working on new music, and that both Slash and McKagan were into it: “I played some stuff for Slash and Duff and they liked it, and they might be on it.” He also says that he’s not working on a solo album and that he wants to keep the GN’R reunion going “for quite a while.” Slash’s work ethic has impressed him, and he liked that McKagan learned the song from Chinese Democracy without having to be asked. And Rose might also write a book.

Of course, Rose has also been singing for AC/DC at recent shows, and it’s even possible that he could make some music with them. He says that he and Angus Young have good chemistry and that he’d be open to making music with him. Per Axl, the two have been “talking about working together.” Here’s the full Q&A session:

We shouldn’t hold our collective breath about any of this actually happening. But Rose has done unprecedented things this year — singing for more than one band, showing up to his shows on time. So who knows?