The Silver Lake Chorus – “Heavy Star Movin’ (starRo Remix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

Last summer, 25-member LA vocal ensemble the Silver Lake Chorus released their self-titled debut LP, which featured an impressive roster of songwriters including Sia, Ben Gibbard, and Tegan And Sara. This summer the Chorus is set to deliver an album-length reinterpretation featuring remixes of all 11 tracks. Psych-rockers and comic book characters the Flaming Lips penned “Heavy Star Movin’,” the debut record’s head-in-the-clouds lead single, and now producer Shinya Mizoguchi, known under the stage name starRo, is giving the track a fresh coat of paint. Under starRo’s direction, “Heavy Star Movin'” is embedded with a chillwave backbone that pushes the song towards an even dreamier headspace. Where the original drifted amicably in place, the remix orbits with a bouncing groove that still never dips too far below the skyline. Check it out below.

The Silver Lake Chorus Remixes is out 6/24 on Six Degrees Records.