Apple Unveils Apple Music Redesign

Apple unveiled an Apple Music redesign during their WWDC conference presentation today, a development that was rumored last month. The redesign was spearheaded by Trent Reznor and content head Robert Kondrk.

As Variety reports, the refreshed app will feature “a simpler interface, a lyrics section and a bigger emphasis on music discovery.” Connect, Apple music’s social network component, is still present, but its prominence has been diminished. As one Verge reporter observed, it appears to be “very much the same as before with a slightly cleaned-up interface.” Engadget also notes that Apple Music was briefly demonstrated on a Mac, but that it wasn’t the focal point of the presentation.

It will be included with the next iOS update, which will be out in the fall. Watch a trailer, which highlights Apple Music about halfway through, below.

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