Watch The Red Hot Chili Peppers Do Carpool Karaoke With James Corden

The legendary funk-metal goofs Red Hot Chili Peppers are a few days away from releasing their new album The Getaway, so naturally, they were the latests guests on James Corden’s ridiculously popular recurring bit Carpool Karaoke. And you will doubtless be pleased to learn that Flea does that exaggerated head-bob thing even when he’s sitting in the back of an SUV. He also does air-slap bass! There’s a part of the bit where Corden and Anthony Kiedis get into a wrestling match on the front lawn of a stranger’s house, and Kiedis absolutely obliterates Corden, possibly because Corden cannot stop doing his over-the-top laugh. And a bunch of them take their shirts off. Really, all of it is about what you’d expect. Watch the whole thing below.

The Getaway is out 6/17 on Warner Bros.