Morrissey Is A Bernie Bro

After the weekend’s horrific mass shooting in Orlando, Morrissey has posted a screed on his True-To-You website, expressing his outrage over the massacre and then moving onto the state of politics in the United States. Like the rest of us, Morrissey has been following the ongoing election saga closely. And surprising nobody, he’s lamenting the reality that Bernie Sanders is now effectively out of the race, though he has yet to concede.

In his post, Morrissey refers to Donald Trump as “Donald Thump, probably America’s next President.” And he warns that “a sad day looms in November — a day that only Bernie Sanders could have saved — had he been allowed his rightful share of media support.” Morrissey certainly seems sincere in his admiration of Sanders; here’s what he writes about the man:

The true victory of the presidential race has been the independent success of Bernie Sanders, whose approach has been so sane and intelligent and measured that he has been therefore all but entirely ignored by the U.S. media, who cannot understand anyone who is not blood-thirsty. This is because Bernie Sanders is human, and one who unusually did not gain his position because of several billion invested dollars. His many primary successes in the presidential race have been headlined as LOSS FOR CLINTON, whereas a Clinton win has not ever been headlined as LOSS FOR SANDERS. Bernie Sanders has been pushed out by the media because the idea of a self-made man who does not crave international war is completely alien to such as Fox News. The idea of a man who is popular because he calls for world peace and for rescue of the environment cannot provide outraged headlines for CNN, who have devoted their online news page to Donald Thump long before Thump was even a logical contender. Thump doing absolutely nothing has been more newsworthy to CNN than Sanders’ state-to-state victories.

We can argue all day whether “media support” would’ve put Sanders over the top; he certainly came closer than most expected to unseating Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party’s nominee for president. But it’s just so Morrissey to be drawn, after the fact, to a lost cause. He’s probably rooting for the Cavs, too. Read the whole thing here.