John Southworth – “Loving You” Video

John Southworth – “Loving You” Video

Chamber-pop champion John Southworth released his most recent album in 2014, the double-disc Niagra, which featured a Canadian side and an American side split according to how Southworth perceives each nation’s musical style. “Loving You” is the concluding track on the American side, and is a wistful pop ballad about a partner that holds you strong like “a never ending sun” and doing anything you can to be everything for that person in return. Now, almost two years after the song’s initial release, Southworth has offered an accompanying video. It’s an intimate visual of a couple sharing a number of small moments that add up to something boundless, and follows the lengths we’ll go to in order to protect the lives of the ones we love. But while it should merely be a touching story of care and affection, amidst the emotional wreckage left behind in the wake of Sunday’s tragedy, it’s absolutely jarring to sit through. There’s a moment in which the two dance together at a nightclub, and I was ridden with anxiety until it shortly moved on unspectacularly to another scene. If only it could be so simple. Watch below.

Niagra is out now via Tin Angel.

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