Yeesh – “World Building”

Chicago math-punk three-piece Yeesh are gearing up to drop their sophomore full-length Confirmation Bias later this summer. We’ve already posted the lead single “End Results,” a churning journey with complex intertwining rhythms. The followup “World Building” is more chaotic precision via Post-Trash.

Several herky-jerky guitar patterns and intricate rolling drums intertwine as frontman Alex Doyle’s voice oscillates between smooth, mild intonations and guttural ululations. Along with Doyle’s voice the song gets increasingly bleak, painting a picture of despair and privilege ending in the cutting lines: “Life is a thing that’s betrayed for the one they portray on your TV screen/ A colorful brochure, advertising more of what you didn’t need before/ And the sea, hear it moan as the third world groans/ From the other side of your iPhone.” This one is a lot to wrap your head around, but when you do you’ll realize it’s awesome. Check it out.

Confirmation Bias is out 7/22 via Tiny Engines. Pre-order it here.

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