Jank Release Two Songs To Benefit Pulse Community Fund

Philadelphia’s JANK have spent the better part of the last year gaining more and more critical acclaim for their debut Awkward Pop Songs and recently began teasing a follow-up EP. However, in light of this past weekend’s tragedy in Orlando, the band has released two new songs intended for the EP on Bandcamp, with all of the download proceeds ($1 for each song) going toward the Pulse Tragedy Community Fund on GoFundMe. This is an idea that has been put forth by several other bands in the emo/punk scene, including You Blew It! Stream the new songs below as well as a statement originally posted to JANK’s Facebook page.

We weren’t originally planning on releasing anything substantial for a little while, but in light of the recent tragedy in Orlando, and the media’s obvious attempts to brush past it and pretend it never happened (like most important things) we have decided to throw together a two-song single featuring new tracks from our upcoming EP for $2 or $1 per song in which all proceeds will be donated to the PULSE Tragedy Community Fund on GoFundMe. We try our very hardest to be a type of band that can instill positive vibes and general feelings of comfort, but this tragedy in particular has hit in very personal places and we want to support to the very best of our ability. So if you enjoy these new tracks we encourage you to donate as much as you are financially stable enough to and as always, we urge you to cherish the time you have with loved ones and never let the media sweep horrific events like this under the rug.
Thank you so much in advance.

Awkward Pop Songs is out now. Pick it up on vinyl from Creep Records.

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