The Wytches – “Who Rides?” Video

Brighton psych-surf three-piece the Wytches turned in an excellent full-length effort with 2014’s Annabel Dream Reader. They recently broke a couple years of silence with the 7-song EP Home Recordings, and today they’ve given a visual accompaniment to standout track “Who Rides?” The song is a bruiser, leaning more hardcore with no-nonsense power chords and a raw, raucous energy that gives why for more psych-oriented guitar lines on the hook. The video is a black-and-white affair full of dark humor. A rock star skeleton drinks, smokes, buys a new guitar, plays shows, and gets in fights before it’s dramatically stabbed and thrown in a canal. It’s not as gruesome as that description seems, but it remains a bleak outlook on the rock star lifestyle. Watch.

Home Recordings is out now. Pay what you want to download it here.

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