Foozle – “Letterman” (Stereogum Premiere)

Foozle are a Maryland trio made up of Jake Lazovick (Sitcom), Joanna Smith, and Ryan Witt (Go Cozy, UVF Rays). Back in 2013, they put out their debut album, Everything’s Casual, a scrappy and introspective introduction to the band that had a whole lot of charm. Later this year, they’ll follow that up with Romantic Comedies, their second full-length, which expands on the barbed pop-punk of their debut to incorporate some more diverse but no less winsome sounds. “Letterman,” the album’s lead single, hints at some of their stylistic deviations. This one in particular adopts the submerged-sounding quality of Lazovick’s Sitcom project, as his characteristically droll voice conveys the boredom and complacency of hometown life, culminating in the final sigh of a punchline: “I’m watching late-night TV/ Letterman’s such a funny guy/ When you’ve got nothing to do at night.” Listen below.

Romantic Comedies is out 7/29 via Babe City Records. Pre-order it here.

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