Eli Way & Rachel Marie – “Just Wanna Love You” (Stereogum Premiere)

So my dad is like 60 or so, and he has good taste in music but he doesn’t know it. I say this because I don’t really think he knows what having good taste would mean within a contemporary context, due to the fact that only way he really knows how to find good music is by going to the library and checking out new CDs.

That said, T. Laggan (I’m not using his full name just because he’s the type of dude that covers the front camera on his iPhone so that no one can spy on him; no shade, though, because he’s probably going to be the only person who won’t go down in the internet apocalypse) is the perfect litmus test for R&B that balances accessibility and quality. He doesn’t know anything about who got what rating or which underground scene to draw jargon-heavy comparisons to, but he knows when a song is groovy as hell, regardless of genre. Needless to say, T. Laggan would definitely fuck with this single.

Made by 20-year-old producer Eli Way and singer-songwriter Rachel Marie, “Just Wanna Love You” is easy to enjoy but comprises sounds that keep it interesting beyond a superficial level, juxtaposing some truly sexy R&B synths, Way’s amalgamation of cool bit-crushed hits, punchy kicks, and samples. (That thing that sounds like the combination of a cash register sound and two metal pipes being hit together… what is that??) It’s forward thinking in way where you might not realize it at first, but only because it’s so well balanced among the rest of the song’s elements. And still, there’s never a moment where Rachel Marie isn’t countering Way’s beats with equally on point vocals. The track is a co-release by PlayItLouder and the jazz-influenced, future-music collective Night Owl Collective. Listen below.