Hear Neil Young On Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast

The comedian Marc Maron is a huge classic-rock type, and that’s something that comes through even when he interviews indie rockers on his WTF podcast. He’s also on the cover of the current Guitar Aficionado magazine, which should tell you something. Given all that, it’s presumably a huge deal for Maron to welcome Neil Young to his podcast. Young is probably the biggest guitar-god guest Maron has had since he welcomed Keith Richards last year. And since Maron is such a great interviewer, there’s a very good chance that he got Young to talk about things more interesting than Pono and GMOs. Listen to his episode of WTF here.

UPDATE: As Pitchfork points out, during the interview Young explained that he’s not selling an MP3 version of his new album EARTH, just vinyl, CD, and Pono files. He told Maron that if fans want an MP3 version of the album, they should just rip their own copy when it streams on Tidal:

If you wanna get it, I think they play the whole album on Tidal in a couple of weeks. Go onto Tidal and just record it off of Tidal! It’s gonna be 44.1 [kHz]. So that way everybody can get it, ’cause I’m not selling them. I’m not selling the MP3. When I start talking like that, my manager shows up.