Girl Band – “In Plastic” Video

Dublin post-punk Band To Watch Girl Band have a knack for provocative videos. They’ve made our 5 Best Videos Of The Week list a few times for visuals in support of their excellent debut album Holding Hands With Jamie. Today they return with another captivating clip for the standout track “In Plastic.” The Bob Gallagher-directed video features airport security line with seriously deranged people in it. The baggage screener sees severed heads with knives, live organs, urns, burnt flowers, and all sorts of bizarre things inside travelers’ suitcases. But the airline staff is perhaps even weirder themselves as they don’t stop people from boarding the plane despite these alarming things. There’s lots of subtle propaganda-like messages flashing quickly within a floating screen as well. The clip is truly peculiar, but transfixing nonetheless. Watch.

Holding Hands With Jamie is out now on Rough Trade.