Portishead – “SOS” (Abba Cover) Video

Two months ago, Portishead’s darkly minimal cover of ABBA’s over-the-top ’70s pop hit “SOS” leaked online. Now the track, from the soundtrack to the Tom Hiddleston movie High-Rise, is finally seeing official release along with a music video. The timing is very pointed — and no, they’re not capitalizing on all the attention Hiddleston has been receiving lately. Rather, with the UK voting tomorrow on whether to secede from the EU, Portishead are protesting the secessionist “Brexit” movement. The video ends with a quote from Jo Cox, the Labour Party politician who was gunned down last week: “We have far more in common than that which divides us.” Otherwise it’s just one long shot of singer Beth Gibbons looking forlorn and eventually reaching out with a helping hand. Watch the moving footage below.

Tags: ABBA, Portishead