Ben Folds Five Reunite For Reinhold Messner

In the comments section of our post on the “Hiroshima” video, reader sean took a moment to disparage the fake leak of Way To Normal before writing:

He’s squandered all of his stock-piled Ben Folds Five love … Let’s get the reunion gears spinning for that show. That’d be something, huh?

For some people it would be, yes. Your wish is the Ben Folds Five’s command, sean:

As indyweek first reported and Ben Folds’s site confirmed, Darren Jesse, Robert Sledge and Ben Folds have scheduled their first performance in almost a decade as part of MySpace Music’s “Front To Back” music series. It’ll take place Thursday, 9/18 at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Memorial Hall where the trio will play 1999’s The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner in its entirety. Tickets go on sale Monday, 9/8. Check out the “Front To Back” MySpace for more details. (Thanks for the tips, everybody.)

Way To Normal is out 9/30 via Epic. Good timing, Ben.