Hear An Unearthed Nirvana Recording Session Featuring Previously Unreleased Songs

A few unreleased Nirvana recordings have made their way online thanks to a fan who bought a reel on eBay containing a session from 2/15/93 that was recorded at Pachyderm Studios around the same time as In Utero. Alternative Nation reports that the reel had 7 previously unreleased recordings, including two versions of “Dumb,” three versions of “Marigold” (including one featuring cello playing from Kera Schaley), and two completely new songs: one that appears to be a Dave Grohl solo track and another dubbed “Lullaby,” which sounds like three-and-a-half-minutes of messing around, but some are speculating that Kurt Cobain is playing the drums on it. Listen to those two below, and the entire recording here.