Woozy Dropped From Label After Naps Singer Details Sexual Assault By Frontman

<> at City Park on November 1, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Woozy Dropped From Label After Naps Singer Details Sexual Assault By Frontman

<> at City Park on November 1, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Earlier today, Katryn Macko, a member of the Tallahassee band Naps, wrote a long Facebook post accusing John St. Cyr, frontman of the New Orleans trio Woozy and also a member of Sun Hotel, of sexual assault. Macko tells of being drunk at a party at her own house, where Woozy were staying, and of St. Cyr repeatedly refusing to take no for an answer. She also writes that she’s heard similar stories about St. Cyr abusing other women. It’s a harrowing story, and it’s led to two different labels announcing, very quickly, that they will no longer work with Woozy.

In her post about the assault, Macko writes:

Right when we got in my room, I immediately turned over in bed and he asked why I was sleeping in all of my clothes, and asked if he could take my tights off. I said no, but then he started kissing me and did it anyways. And that’s how the rest of the night went, him asking if he could do things to me and me saying no or I don’t know, then continuing to do them. I was probably the drunkest I’ve ever been and the room was spinning and I had never felt more helpless in my entire life. I just kept trying to make myself calm down since he was a total stranger and I didn’t really know what he was capable of, but I was coerced into doing a lot of things I did not want to do.

The whole post is here. Meanwhile, Exploding In Sound and Community Records, the two labels that released Woozy’s album Blistered last year, have both made announcements that they will no longer work with the band. Here’s the statement from Exploding In Sound:

Upset and angry to hear about this, but as a result Exploding In Sound will no longer be working with Woozy. There’s no room for tolerance of this kind of behavior. This is disgusting and unforgivable and we offer our support to Katryn and anyone going through a similar situation. These kind of things are not okay and it needs to stop.

And here’s the statement from Community:

We are deeply saddened and upset to hear of the actions of John St. Cyr of Woozy. This is new information to us (and Kara and Ian of Woozy) and we absolutely can not support or condone that type of action.

In order to stand with the sexual assault survivor Katryn, we as a label are withdrawing our support of Woozy. We want to thank Katryn for her bravery in taking action to shine light on her experience.

Meanwhile, on Woozy’s Facebook page, band member Kara Stafford has written a post expressing her own shock and confusion:

Hi, Kara here. In light of some recent information, John will no longer be posting from this page for the foreseeable future. I have no idea what’s going on and am completely blindsided by the news of these events. I’m literally shaking. As a multiple assault survivor myself, I am so, so incredibly hurt by the idea that someone I trusted could have done these things, and I am so, so fucking sorry to anyone who has been hurt. Ian and I will be getting to the bottom of this as soon as possible and make decisions based on what is best for our scene, our community, and the diy community across the country that has done so much for us. A band is a small thing. People are what’s important. We sincerely beg your patience and understand while we try to make this right.

In the comments of that post, she’s also written:

Hey there, Kara here. As it stands this band is not a band. There is nothing to be kicked out of. My apologies if my post offended you, I’m doing the best that I can. Please remember that the band did not assault someone, a person did. I am not that person and I fully condemn those actions. I’m sitting here fighting a panic attack reliving my own assaults and talking to a million people asking me what’s going on. I do not know whats going on. This news hit me ten minutes before I posted about it.

St. Cyr has yet to make any kind of public statement. And we should probably point out that both Woozy and Naps played the SXSW party that we co-presented with Exploding In Sound earlier this year.

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