Rob Thomas Is Bringing His Hologram On Tour With Counting Crows And Your Hologram Can Duet With It

Ever since the Tupac hologram appeared at Coachella a few years ago, hologram musicians have become a weirdly pervasive trend. But in most cases, we’re talking about dead musicians, the theory being that a hologram performance is going to be the closest thing fans will get to seeing a live show. But how about a hologram of a living musician? Like motherfucking Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty? And how about you become a hologram to sing with him? That’s right! It’s a hot one!

Thomas has partnered with VNTANA, which calls itself a “socially augmented reality company” (a strange and scary and incomprehensible combination of words), to develop “the first interactive hologram karaoke fan experience.” Fans can pick one of three songs to sing, and then they can watch their own holograms sing Rob Thomas’ song along with Rob Thomas’ hologram. To demonstrate how it works, they’ve shared a video of a Rob Thomas hologram singing “This Is How A Heart Breaks” with a smiling bro who does not appear to know the words to the song:

“Make me famous! Go!” –Rob Thomas.

Thomas and VNTANA are calling these things “hollagrams,” because of course they are. Thomas is heading out on tour with Counting Crows this summer, and you can try out this thing if you buy a VIP ticket. If you’re interested, you can cop those here.