Stream JJ Doll’s Self-Titled 7″

Stream JJ Doll’s Self-Titled 7″

Here’s what I’ve been able to gather from the (admittedly limited) information about JJ Doll online: They’re from New York; they “rose out of the ashes” of Ivy, another (now defunct) NYC hardcore group; they have a “sibling band,” Kaleidoscope; they put out a rager of a demo collection at the top of this year; and, judging from some YouTube videos, they put on a hell of a live show. JJ Doll just released a self-titled 7″ on the Brooklyn-based label Katorga Works, who were also responsible for the first two Sheer Mag EPs, and it’s an incendiary 10 minutes that checks off all the appropriate punk music boxes. It’s scrappy, breathless, forceful: “She’s Onto You” is a paranoid thrash-around, “Dirge” is scummy and scuzzy, and all of the tracks have hooks coming from every direction. It’s an extremely promising debut, and you can listen to the whole thing below. Do it! It won’t take long.

JJ Doll is out now via Katorga Works. Pay what you want for it here.

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