Wolf Eyes – “T.O.D.D.” Video

Detroit’s Wolf Eyes dropped a beast of an album in last year’s I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces. It’s a behemoth creature, dense and unrelenting both sonically and lyrically. But with the visual for “T.O.D.D.,” they’ve managed to get even heavier, darker, and weirder. The clip, directed by artists Will Benedict and Steffen Jørgensen, features a mock interview between broadcaster Charlie Rose and an alien being. The alien kicks back nonchalantly as it discusses issues surrounding assimilation in a universal context, drawing parallels with Europe’s current migration issue. It paints a bleak, apocalyptic picture of the world as the creature mouths the song’s dark lyrics and shakes his ass in Rose’s face as human bodies fall from the sky like rain. It’s some politically heavy, dark-humored, trippy stuff. Watch.

I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces is out now.