Holiday Mountain – “Cómo Te Llamas” (Feat. Mexican Institute Of Sound) (Stereogum Premiere)

Holiday Mountain is an electro-pop duo made up of Berklee College of Music alums Laura Patiño and Zander Kagle, hailing from Austin, Texas and abiding strictly by the city’s unofficial motto to “keep it weird.” Evidencing their success in that regard is the video for “Cómo Te Llamas,” the ludicrously infectious lead single from the their upcoming sophomore LP SHIA. It’s a slice of absurdist neon-drenched pop with an equally surreal accompanying video, directed by Brittany Reeber and following Patiño as a glow-in-the-dark exercise instructor, Carmen Miranda look-alike, and acupuncture model, impossibly among a number of other roles. Camilo Lara from Mexican Institute Of Sound makes a guest appearance, zombie-walking in front of a kaleidoscope rainbow as shots of a blacklight tribal party are interspersed between him. Here’s Patiño providing some context for the inexplicable clip:

“Como” was inspired by my long time love for Jane Fonda-era aerobics videos, absurdist artists like Eric Andre, and what we call “digital-punk” style video editing; born from Youtube culture & the cyber revolution that has allowed us as humans to put out whatever expressions we want regardless of how unorthodox they are. I wanted the viewer to feel empowered by the fact that we have full ownership of our unique bodies while also acknowledging our culture’s ludicrous commodification of individual body parts, youth, and what it means to be healthy.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Watch below.

SHIA is out 8/12 via Clean Bill Music.