Fitness – “Receiver” (Feat. SHRAF)

Adam Moerder was the frontman of intense New York power trio Mr. Dream. But last year he introduced his new project, Fitness, with the Fitness EP. He traded in the fuzzy power chords for dirty electro grooves, and he goes deeper into that new aesthetic with his latest single “Receiver.” The song is a whomping synth-bass-driven rhythm fest with layers of shimmering synths, digital glitches, and quick bleeps to interject and balance. Smooth vocals cut through with catchy melodies that reach their height of their subtle evocation on the hook: “Feed me energy/ And feed my fantasy/ I don’t know what it mean/ I want to be machine.” Good luck getting this one out of your head when you listen below.

“Receiver” is out now on GODMODE.

Tags: Fitness, SHRAF