Christopher Tignor – “Shapeshifting” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Christopher Tignor is a violinist, computer programmer, and Google software engineer. As if it wasn’t enough to compose and craft gorgeous music which blends classical, ambient, and electro tendencies, he also created an open source software program from scratch that enables him to do so live without overdubs. The Sara Kinney-directed video below showcases the software as Tignor records “Shapeshifting” from his upcoming album Along A Vanishing Plane while recreating it live.

The song is a beautiful, sparse, arrangement of triangle tings, reverberated tuning forks, lush violin flourishes, knocking drums, and playful synths. As Tignor plays different elements, the software activates others, giving the sense that there are other players in the room, but it’s all Tignor. To arrange something this pretty and bare is already a feat in itself, but to see it recreated by a one man band without looping pedals or a backing track is a remarkable experience. Watch.

Along A Vanishing Plane is out in September via Western Vinyl. Pre-order it here.