Suge Knight Sues Chris Brown For Getting Shot At His Party

Former Death Row Records label head turned homicidal, maniacal punchline Suge Knight was shot at a party at the 1 OAK nightclub hosted by Chris Brown in 2014. Knight was hit seven times, surviving gunshot wounds to the abdomen, chest, and left forearm. Since then he’s mentioned complications from those injuries, including a blood clot, while in court on an unrelated murder charge. According to ABC News, he’s now accusing Brown of gang ties (the nerve) and a “well-documented track record of hosting events and/or parties in which violence frequently erupted.”

Knight is accusing 1 OAK of failing to have adequate security and allowing an armed person into the venue for the party. His attorneys assert that it was paranoia months after this shooting which drove Knight to run over two men and kill one while fleeing when his vehicle was under attack. Knight is currently in jail awaiting trial on the charges stemming from that incident. The lawsuit doesn’t state how much money Knight is seeking, but asks for a judgment ordering the defendants to pay past and future medical expenses for his injuries. If this sounds familiar, Knight also sued Kanye West after he was shot at a party Kanye hosted in 2005. He also blamed West and the venue for lax security then, but a judge ruled in Kanye’s favor after concluding there was no evidence a shooting was foreseeable.