50 Cent A Free Man After Paying $1100 Fine For Cursing In The Caribbean

Over the weekend, 50 Cent was arrested in the Caribbean after using profanity during his headlining set at the St. Kitts Music Festival. (The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis’ Small Charges Act makes it a misdemeanor to curse in a public forum.) According to Billboard, the rapper and his bodyguard, Bajar Walter, were held at the Basseterre police station for three hours before being granted bail. They both had to pay fines of around $1,100 each before they were able to leave the country.

A representative for 50 Cent told Billboard that he has no hard feelings over the arrest: “We just want people to know we ain’t mad about this, we all had a good time. 50 enjoyed it so much he decided to stay longer and go to Nevis today (Monday, June 27) and we would come back and perform in St. Kitts again anytime they would like to have us back.”

So that’s good! Maybe now he can work on being a not-shitty person.

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