Watch Autre Ne Veut Play “Lost Album” kingofpop In Brooklyn

Back in 2012, Autre Ne Veut recorded a full-length called kingofpop, which was intended to be the follow-up to his 2010 self-titled debut. But the LP was never released, and after Anxiety came out in 2013, kingofpop ended up being shelved indefinitely — until now. Last night, Autre Ne Veut performed songs from the “lost” album live for the first and last time at Brooklyn’s National Sawdust as a part of the venue’s Solid Jackson series. Watch footage from the once-in-a-lifetime show and read about the story of the project below.

Here’s what Arthur Ashin wrote about the show on Facebook:

So in 2010 (as some of y’all may know) I released a sort of lo fi pop album, and then in 2011 followed it up with the Body EP. And in 2012, was going to release my 2nd full length (of which the Body EP was mostly outtakes) called “kingofpop.” Sadly the winter of 2011/12 had very different plans and despite the best efforts of a group of us, this album never saw the light of day. By Feb 2013 “Anxiety” was released and to try and go back to KoP after that would have just felt like a backtrack.

However, a few months ago, Spencer Zahn and National Sawdust reached out about a new program (Solid Jackson) where artists explore playing their unreleased material with a new group of players and this seemed like the perfect marriage. Finally I was able to explore this material which few have heard and with two exceptions I’ve never even played any of it live. The best part of this for me is that for the first time in my life, I’m playing music where there is no ideal execution of the content and I could create arrangements from scratch.

Spencer and I then put together a group of incredible artists in their own right and limited ourselves (with one little exception) to creating all of the new arrangements with a grand piano, upright bass, a 5 person choir and a drum pad with no long samples.

The past month or so has been extremely rewarding getting to work with all of these incredible people to make something collaborative and new out of something quite old now and originally made in a solitary place.