Watch Schoolboy Q Do An Intense “THat Part” On Colbert

In scarcely more than a week, Schoolboy Q will release the new album Blank Face LP, and everything I’ve heard leads me to believe it’ll be great. Last night, Q was the musical guest on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and he performed the hard, slithery single “THat Part.” Q didn’t have Kanye West around to do his guest verse, but he did start things off with a brief snippet of what I believe is an unreleased track. He also have a furious, energetic performance, careening around the stage. He had a live band backing him up, and all the members wore those vaguely terrifying blank-face masks. The stage was bathed in eerie blue light. This was a good late-night performance! Check it out below.

Blank Face LP is out 7/8 on TDE.